Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lithuanian GLS

I thought you might enjoy these photos of the Lithuanian GLS which Saulius and his church in Klaipeda were instrumental in hosting. Saulius had this to say about the event. 

This past weekend we had the Global Leadership Summit. Last year we had 300 participants and this year 520. We closed the registration down two weeks before the event because we ran out of space.  We had to turn poeple down.  This conference is my dreaming coming true – church leaders, business and political leaders sit toghether and learn about the servant leadership. It is interesting to note, that many non-believering business found the most spiritual talks of GLS most invigorating and useful. It is becoming an evangelistic tool.  The Mayor of Klaipeda greeted all participants at the beginning of the event. The Chair of the prayer group of Lithuanian Parlament said that we should think about doing GLS in the Parliament and promised his full support in doing it.

I have never seen such diverse denominationals groups having so much fun together. The Holy Spirit worked deeply in the hearts of many. Many churches send their full elder boards and church boards. We laughed and cried together. That was very powerful. Over 100 of participants have already registered for next year’s conference. That is a very high number for Lithuania where most people don’t plan for tomorrow, let alone for next year. Praise God. Next year we are planning to do two sites – Klaipeda 16-17 Nov, Vilnius 23-24 Nov. 

It's such a privilege that we can partner with Saulius, and play even a small part in events like the GLS, and through it the kingdom of God, spreading around the world.


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