Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Serenje Latest

I announced two Sundays ago that we are going to have two more gift days for Serenje on the next two Sundays (20th and 27th November), and wanted to let you know the latest Serenje figures.

We started out this year aiming to raise £205,000 for Serenje this year. £80,000 of that is  to support year 4 of the HIV / AIDS project we are involved with there, and £125,000 is to fund the building of a girls dormitory for 100 secondary school girls. You can find a brilliant video with details of the first three years of the HIV / AIDS project here, and another superb video about the girls dormitory here - please take the time to watch them both.

So far this year the giving has been amazing. We have:

  • £36,062 for the girls dormitory, raised by the youth through Project 125, Garth Hill College through their walk to school day and other direct giving to the dormitory project.
  • £35,242 given in the October Gift Days we have just had.
  • £29,814 which is made up of unclaimed Gift Aid, money left over from year 3 of the project and money which people have pledged to give over the coming year.
In total that comes to just over £101,000 - an amazing total, which leaves us with just under £104,000 left to raise. As someone who sees the cup as being half full, that is very exciting!

Somebody asked me this week if we should just go for the money required for year 4 of the project this November, and then look to raise the money for the dormitory next year. There's a lot to be said for that approach, but having been to Serenje and seen the conditions the girls have to live in, I'm desperate to get the money to build the dormitory raised as quickly as possible so that isn't what is holding the project up. I'm therefore encouraging every one of us to think and pray about what we can give over the next two Sundays.

Some may have already given all they can give, or want to give. If that's you then thank you so much for all you've already given, and please feel no pressure to give any more.
Some may have given in October, and feel stirred to give more. If so, that's brilliant.
Some may have missed the October Gift days completely and be giving for the first time, if so please be generous, even tend towards being sacrificial in what you give, but again don't feel under any pressure.

You can either give in the second offering over the next two Sundays, or you can give online. Some may also want to give a regular amount over the coming year, rather than, or as well as a one off gift. If so there are standing order forms available from reception to allow you to do that.

In all of this let's remember that God loves a cheerful giver, and that we will reap what we sow - we can never out give God.


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