Thursday, December 1, 2011

Better than Twenty20

This Sunday we've got not Twenty20, but the next installment of our Ten10 Sundays, where over the Sunday we have ten different preachers speaking for 10 minutes each. 

I personally love these Sundays as we get to hear the voice of so many different people in our community, and to hear how God has been speaking to them and working in their lives. This time the preaches will be around aspects of the Christmas story - all very topical!

The speakers at each meeting are:

   9am: Ben Weeks, Rob Plant and Becca Taylor

   11am: Melanie Watkins, Hannah Boyle and Rob Omakaro

   7pm: Krystyna Lysakowska, Rebecca Toy, Demi Riley and Joshua Richheimer

Why not plan to come to more than one meeting on Sunday, or come and join me and listen to all ten!

I'll also be announcing the total for the Serenje offering which will be very exciting too! 

Hope to see you there.


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