Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Foodbank Request for Help

Our wonderful Foodbank team have asked me to see whether anyone would be available to help them between 11am and 3pm on Wednesday 21st December (which is tomorrow as I write this blog, but may be tomorrow or today when you get it!).

They've hit a bit of a perfect storm, with a number of team members away due to illness or visiting family, combined with what is expected to be one of their busiest days of the year as families get ready for Christmas. We know that for many clients this is a particularly tough time of year, with all the worries about how they are going to provide for their families over the next couple of weeks, so we want to serve them as well as we possibly can.

The team need help in a whole range of areas, from people able to drive food between the Kerith Centre and the store, people to weigh out food for and get it ready for clients, and people to actually welcome the clients as they come into the building. Whether you've finished school, are a student back from Uni, have already finished work for Christmas or are free for whatever other reason, if you are able to give any time between 11 and 3 I know Pat and the team would really appreciate it, and I know you'll have a great time too. 

Hope to see you there!


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