Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This is Love - Free CD

Hopefully this Sunday you picked up a free copy of our latest worship CD - "This is Love". If not then next time you're in the building please pick up a copy for yourself, and copies to give/send to friends and family who you think would enjoy it. You can even give it away as a Christmas present if you're working on a tight budget this year! 

I'm incredibly proud of what our team have achieved, both in terms of the quality of the songs, the quality of the production and the Christ centred nature of it all. It's far and away the best CD we've done, and I hope will be a blessing to huge numbers of people.

For anyone not able to get to the Kerith Centre to pick up a CD, or who would also like MP3 versions of the songs, they can be found online here. Click on the little arrow next to the songs to listen to them, or on the musical note to the right of that to download them.



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