Monday, December 19, 2011

Tim Keller - Generous Justice

I know that some of you will be looking for some Christmas reading. Well if you're up for something more challenging than a Dan Brown novel, I'd like to recommend perhaps the best book I've read this year, Generous Justice by Tim Keller.

Historically churches have split into two camps. On one side were Evangelical churches which have been passionate about the gospel, but which have viewed social justice as at best an add on, and a worst distraction to the 'real' work of the church. On the other were  more liberal churches, which were committed to practically demonstrating the love of God but more vague about preaching the gospel. Over the last few years Kerith, and many other churches in our nation, have been discovering what it means to be in both of the these camps, passionate about both preaching the gospel AND seeing God's justice worked out in the world.

Tim Keller's book is so important because it gives a Biblical framework to help us understand that it isn't a case of the gospel or social justice, but that a passion for justice should flow directly from our understanding the gospel. In fact he shows that if we don't have a passion for justice, it shows that we haven't properly grasped the message of the gospel. I'd personally like to insist that this book becomes required reading for everyone at Kerith!

You can get this book from the Kerith Centre bookshop, or on Kindle and other ebook readers. If you're still not convinced you can read the first chapter for free here.

Happy reading. 


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