Friday, January 6, 2012

Invest - Term 2

For me one of the most exciting things we did last term was to kick off our Invest training programme, which helps people understand and get more out of the Bible. It's something I've wanted us to do for a number of years, and I'm so pleased that we've got it up and running, and that the feedback from the first term was so good. It's a two year rolling course, which means that you can start it at the beginning of any term. The next term starts on Wednesday 11th January, and it's not too late to sign up.

Below are some details on terms 2 from Ben Pocock who heads up Invest. Please take a look and think hard about signing up, or continuing on to term 2 if you've already done term 1.



“INvest is a training course on Wednesday evenings for all those wanting to deepen their knowledge, understanding and application of the Bible. Through weekly teaching and training sessions you will learn more about God’s Word Theology in order to help you in your walk with God. With 2 years worth of biblical teaching material, you can sign up for a term at a time, covering subjects such as Jesus, the Holy Spirit, a book by book Bible Overview, Church History and many more.
Whether you have been a Christian for a day or a decade, it’s so important that you INvest time and effort in your relationship with God. In Term 2 we will be focussing on the Holy Spirit and the Early Church. We will look at subjects such as:
  • The Early Believers
  • The Holy Spirit – (The Trinity, Fruit of the Spirit, Gifts of the Spirit and more)
  • Paul & his missionary journeys
  • Pentecost
  • Hermeneutics (in helping us read the Bible)
  • The Holy Spirit in church today
Just incase you can’t make it to every week, those on the INvest course will receive online access to the weekly recorded messages, as well as a USB Memory Stick containing all the talks at the end of the term. So sign up today! The Term is £30. You can register online for the course, or on Sunday at church. Please don’t let the money stop you from being on the course, just speak to us if you need help.”

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