Monday, January 9, 2012

Texts For Life Blog

I really enjoyed the kick off to the new Texts for Life series on Sunday, other than the news that some unkind person has posted a video of my return to the worship team :-) Listen to the sermon here if you missed it.

Just a reminder that there's a blog which goes with the series which you can find at Every day a different person will be writing about the verse for that week. Today it was Alan Lander writing some great stuff on this weeks verse,  Psalm 119 verse 11. On the site we'll also be adding a load of other resources, I noticed that there are already some kids colouring sheets there which you can print out and colour in.

Just as with my blog there's an area on the site where you can enter your email address so that you get an email each time the blog is updated. Alternatively you can follow the Twitter feed @textsforlife to be sent a tweet every time there is a new blog. Or there are links to the blog on the Kerith website and on mine and Catrina's blog. So many ways to get to what I think is going to be a great resource.

Finally I'd love to hear your thoughts on the series. You can either leave comments on the blog, send an email to or tweet with the hash tag #textsforlife, or you could even just talk to me or someone else about it!

That's more than enough technology for one blog. Hope you have a God filled, risk taking week and hope to catch you next Sunday.


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