Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bill Hybels, Andy Stanley & Pete Scazzero

 I'm sitting in Caffe Nero in town reflecting on a hectic but amazing two and a half days with Bill Hybels, Andy Stanley and Pete Scazzero. Far too much went on to write about it all here, but I wanted to reflect on some stuff and then post some photos to give those of you who couldn't make it a feel for what went on.

The last two days reminded me again that our buildings are an amazing blessing, which we must never take for granted. It is because of all the people who sacrificed financially for the building of the Kerith Centre and K2, and the leaders who had the faith and vision to give a lead in building them, that we are able to host events like this. Let's honour those who have left us with such a legacy. 

I was also so aware that we have the most amazing team of volunteers and staff who make it possible to run events like this to an incredibly high standard. There were over 60 volunteers making each day happen - a huge thank you to every one of you.

We also need to recognise that through events like these we are fulfilling our vision statement to contribute to local, national and international life. We had people there from all over the UK, as well as from a number of other nations, hearing life changing stuff. 

The two days were a remarkable contrast and went so well together. On Monday we heard principles and ideas from Bill and Andy which will force us to look out, to expand and to grow the Kingdom. Then on Tuesday Pete turned it around, reminding us that authentic growth can only come out of a place where we are deeply rooted and growing in our relationship with God and with others. I'd encourage people to get copies of Pete's books on "Emotionally Healthy Church", "Emotionally Healthy Spirituality" and his wife Geri's book "I Quit". We'll be reflecting on some of what Pete brought later this year as a church, once I've got round to implementing some of it in my own life!

Finally here are some photos - savour the look of the auditorium with over 700 people in it - the shape of things to come :)




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