Thursday, February 9, 2012

Canon Andrew White Conference Change

You may remember that I told you in a previous blog about a conference Canon Andrew White had asked us to host at the end of July. Sadly once Andrew's organisation started putting the conference together they found that the local hotel prices were all very high due to the dates overlapping with some minor event called the Olympics!

They've therefore decided to move the conference to September. Sadly the new dates didn't fit in with our diary, so the conference will now be held from Thursday 6th to Saturday 8th September at City Coast Church in Brighton. Let's be praying for Andrew and his organisation that the conference goes really well. We will continue to be great supporters of Andrew and all the amazing work he is doing, and hopefully we'll have him back in Bracknell sooner rather than later.

Rest assured that Julian Adams is still coming to us on Saturday 21st April - I'll have more details on how to book in for that soon.


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