Sunday, February 5, 2012

It's Snowed :-)

 There's a beautiful view out of our window this morning! 

We will be meeting today. I'm going up to church in about half an hour, hopefully to be met by a bunch of others, and we'll make sure all the paths around the Kerith Centre and K2 are as clear as possible. If you can make it safely to church this morning then please come as it's going to be a great day with thanksgivings and Sola preaching. We'll make sure there are plenty of hot drinks available as everyone arrives. However, don't take any risks and be careful in the car parks as we won't have time to clear all of them.

Please also be looking out for elderly and vulnerable people, both in our church community and in the streets where you live. Why not pop round, clear their paths and make sure they've got enough food and their heating is ok. 

Happy snowballing, and hope to see you at church.


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