Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kerith Oscars

Well now the pretend Oscars over in Hollywood are out of the way, it's time to move on to the real thing - the Kerith Volunteer Oscar Celebration this Sunday evening.

I want to encourage everyone to come along, even if you're not an evening regular or yet a volunteer, for what is going to be a fun evening. Please aim to be in your seat by 7pm as the evening starts with an unmissable opener. Drinks will be served from 6pm, with popcorn available in the auditorium, and parking is at the college for everyone other than visitors, the elderly and disabled.

I know last year that some of you didn't enjoy being applauded and photographed as you came into the Kerith Centre, so we won't be doing that this year, although we will still hopefully have the red carpet again. If you did enjoy being applauded and photographed, come and see me and I'll personally applaud you and take your photo on my phone!

Hope to see you there on Sunday night.


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