Thursday, February 2, 2012

Small Change for Big Change

 I realise that many of us do our giving to church via standing order, or some other form of online giving. I'd strongly encourage everyone who is committed to our community to do that, as it's regular giving which is the financial lifeblood of all we do as a community. That does mean, however, that if you're like me you never actually put anything in the offering baskets when they go round on a Sunday.

I've resolved this year to do something different, and as a statement of my thankfulness to God for all He has blessed me with, to put something in the basket every time it goes round (which for me will be three times most Sundays). We'll still do our regular giving as a family via standing order, this will be just a small something, just 50p or £1, above and beyond that. In reality over a Sunday that will still be less than the cost of the Latte I've just enjoyed, although the cumulative effect over a year could be large - if we all put in £1 every week that would be an extra £35,000 over a year. But the change I'm really looking for is not a financial one, but of thankfulness becoming a lifestyle for me.

So would you consider joining me in this statement of thankfulness, and of seeing small change make a big change.


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