Sunday, February 19, 2012

Vision at the Prayer Meetings

This week we've got prayer meetings on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, starting at 8pm in K2.

We've felt to mix the prayer meetings up a bit this year, with a focus on different things each month. This will include one month dedicated to looking in more detail about they communion is all about, months dedicated to an evening of worship and months focused on a whole evening of prayer.

For this month I'm going to have an evening sharing vision, and then taking time to pray into each area I've shared about. There will be quite a bit I haven't yet talked about in blogs or on a Sunday, including progress on the goals for 2012, updates on our proposed office move, a finance update, thoughts on our plans for Christmas 2012 and some news on our international involvement. If there is time there will also be the chance to ask any questions you may have.

In a number of the areas I'll share about there are some decisions we need to make or things we're not sure about. For these I want to make space for us to hear what people sense God is saying to us prophetically.

If at all possible then please plan to be there on either Wednesday or Thursday, especially if you've never been to a prayer meeting before. Hope to see you there.


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