Friday, February 17, 2012

Volunteer Oscars

Sunday 4th March is going to be a really exciting day. In the morning Tim Hughes, Director of Worship at Holy Trinity Brompton and the writer of songs such as Here I am to Worship and Happy Day, is going to be speaking at both the 9am and 11am meetings.

Then in the evening we've got our annual Volunteer Oscars, celebrating all of the amazing volunteers in our community. There will be a whole variety of awards, some silly and some serious, but all recognising the incredible contribution of all those who volunteer in so many different ways to make Kerith the church it is.

I'd therefore encourage you to plan to come both morning and evening on the 4th. Even if you're not currently volunteering, the evening will be a great opportunity to hear about what it means to be a volunteer in Kerith and how lives are being changed through all that is going on.

For anyone who would like to know about what volunteer opportunities are available, there is a whole new area on the website, with job descriptions for each of the areas where we are looking for volunteers. Please take a look, and if you're not already then choose to get involved - you'll get to meet some great people and who knows whose life will be changes because of your involvement.


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