Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekend Reading - Peach and Coconut

Many of you will know that I'm in the process of writing a book, The Peach and the Coconut, which will be a description of the culture we are trying to build at Kerith. In the end it will have around 30 chapters dealing with a whole range of subjects. About 20 chapters have been written, and are in the process of being edited, and the other 10 are in various states of completion. The aim is to try and get it finished by the summer ready for everybody to have a copy in September.

A couple of weeks ago I gave out two of the chapters, hoping to get some comments and feedback. I've had some really good responses, so thank you to everyone who has already got back to me. I thought it would be good to put the chapters out via the blog to see if anyone else would like to give some input. The chapters I gave out were the ones on money and tithing.

I realise it's quite hard seeing these chapters in isolation - in the next couple of months I'm hoping to be able to give out draft copies of all the chapters - but for now any comments on style or content would be very gratefully received. You can either leave them as comments on the blog, or email them here.

Thanks in advance, and happy reading,


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