Thursday, March 15, 2012

Peach and Coconut - First Draft Finished

Many of you will know that for the last couple of years I've been writing a book, which I've titled the Peach and the Coconut. It is an attempt to write a word description of the culture we are trying to develop at Kerith, based on a comparison of the culture of the Pharisees and the culture of Jesus. The intention is that it will be a book to guide and shape us as a community, rather than being written for any sort of wider audience.

Well last Wednesday I managed to complete the first draft of all 32 chapters. I know that many of you are far more accomplished writers than I am, but for me it feels like a major achievement. In total it is about 52,000 words, which seems like a ridiculous number, and when turned in to a book will apparently be about 200 pages long. Included in with the book will be a number of life stories from people in our community.

We're now at the very scary stage (for me at least) where it's been given to a number of people to review and comment on. I fluctuate between thinking it's OK, and thinking I've spent the last two years writing complete nonsense, so I'm waiting to get their comments back with much fear and trepidation!

The plan, unless of course the feedback is to scrap the whole idea, is to spend the next month or so working on and improving the text alongside a professional editor, and then for us to get it printed ready to be given out to all of you in September. We'll also make it available for Kindle and other ebook readers, and may also make it available for people outside our community to buy if they'd find it interesting or helpful.

I do believe the whole book idea was something God prompted me to do, and that it will be a useful tool as we look to grow and develop as a community. For now I'm just enjoying not having the pressure of thinking "I've got to get at least one more chapter written this week!".


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