Thursday, April 19, 2012

Facts are Friends

This morning (Thursday) was our weekly prayer meeting where a group of us (normally between about 12 and 20 people) gather from 6am-7am to pray for the church finances and for people to be saved.

One of the things we do every week is to look in detail at the Sunday offering, and whether we are ahead of or behind budget. Someone commented this morning that they really enjoyed the transparency of knowing exactly where we're at, so I thought I'd share the latest figures with all of the blog readers.

This year we set ourselves a visionary budget, which required a 16% increase in our regular giving if it was to balance. That is quite a leap of faith, especially if you're sat in the the senior pastor's chair! That increase means that we need an average weekly offering of £14,278, a figure which engraved in my thinking.

The great news is that as of last Sunday the average weekly offering so far this year has been £14,404 which is a whole £126 a week over budget. Praise God!

I'm just so grateful to everyone in our community who gives so generously, allowing us to do all the things we do. Please keep following the lead to be a regular giver, and to put something into the offering basket every week as a sign of your thankfulness to God for all he has done for you.

Hope you found this helpful,


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