Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sunday Gift Day

I'm going to write some blogs over the next couple of weeks expanding on what I said about being debt free last Sunday.

One of the things I spoke about was our desire as a church to be debt free, and to only take on debt for short periods of time to allow us to do things more quickly (such as building the Kerith Centre). To that you'll know if you're a regular at this year we're having a gift day on the last Sunday of every month to pay off the interest free loans which are still outstanding from the work last summer to redevelop reception.

We started this year with £184,000 of interest free loans to repay. So far this year we've received:

£23,000 given in gift days

£7,000 in loans converted to gifts

£5,500 in estimated gift aid

So we’re left with a total of £148,500 to raise. There is no specific target for this month, but I'm incredibly keen to get the loans repaid as quickly as possible so we can be debt free again, and be thinking about the next things we want to be doing. I'd therefore ask everyone to be thinking about what to give on Sunday, and encourage everyone to give something, even if it is only a few pounds.

As always please have no anxiety about this, but let's be praying for God to do something remarkable amongst us.


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