Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Baptisms on Sunday

After the excitement of last weekend, with Thanksgivings in the morning and The Moment playing in the evening, we've got another action packed weekend coming up with baptisms at all three meetings.

If you were around at the start of this year you'll have heard me say that one of our goals this year was to see 100 people saved and added to Kerith in 2012. Baptism seems about the best way of us measuring that in any sort of meaningful way, so this year one of my prayers is that we'll baptise 100 people throughout the year. We're just about on track to do that which is so exciting.

But what excites me more is when I hear the individual stories of lives being changed. That's what for me gets me out of bed in the morning, and keeps me going. On Sunday I got chatting to one of our teenagers who got saved through LIFE. Just to hear how she's come from a totally unchurched background, but now sees her whole future transformed by what God has done in her world was so exciting.

So come on Sunday and hear some more incredible stories of lives being changed by the power of God. And if you haven't yet been baptised then sign up for one of our future baptism Sundays - you won't regret it!

Last year we had three baptism Sundays. This year we've upped it to six. For 2013 we're considering having baptisms every month, making space for God to do all he wants to do amongst us.

Hope you're enjoying the sun - I certainly am :)


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