Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Calling all Kerith Bloggers

Something I've been wondering about for a while is on my blog having links to all the other people in Kerith who write blogs. I've been thinking about some simple 'rules' to try and give it some order, so here they are:

  • You have to ask me to include your blog! I don't want to just assume that just because you're part of Kerith you want your blog pointed to from mine. So if you do want to be included leave a comment on this post with a link to your blog and I'll include you.
  • You have to be currently linked with Kerith in some way, either attending on a Sunday, part of a ministry such as Sparklers or Life, or a student whose home church is Kerith.
  • Your blog has to be one that takes me up in my lift! That means being positive about God, about Kerith, about the people within Kerith and about people outside of Kerith. It doesn't mean being unreal, or only writing 'nice' things, but if you're going to write negative stuff you must start with the plank in your own eye rather than the speck in someone else's!
  • I'd encourage you to put a link from your blog to mine. That way your blog is not only an endpoint but can take others onto a journey of finding a whole army of other Kerith bloggers.
Hopefully none of that is too onerous. I'll arrange the Kerith bloggers link in the top right hand corner of my blog, and set it up so that the most recent blogs are at the top. That way the more frequently you blog, the more you'll be at the top of the list!

As an example of someone in our community writing a great blog which deserves a wider audience I'd encourage you to take a look at Ruth Povey's blog. She's got some great insights on how God works in our lives, and is incredibly real about herself and her journey - definitely a lift up experience.

Hope to hear from all of you bloggers out there.


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