Friday, May 25, 2012

Gift Days

On Sunday we're due to be baptising about 20 people, which is so exciting. As well as baptisms we've also got our monthly gift day to pay off the interest free loans which helped pay for all the reception improvements.

The total needed is now down to £139,500 - on Sunday I'd love to get in enough to get that below £100,000. That would mean us raising at least £40,000 (just to be clear although the slide below says we need £40,000, there aren't any interest free loans which are due to be repaid this month, so the need is to help my sanity rather than to stop us having to borrow from the bank!).

Please don't be worried by that figure, but please just be asking God what you should give. The table below shows one way we could raise £40,000 - please take a look at it and prayerfully think about which one of those amounts you, or your family, are going to give this Sunday. Together we can do something amazing!

Thanks in advance for your generosity.



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