Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ignite @ Wellington Country Park

This weekend our friends from the Yateley churches are organising an event at Wellington Country Park, called Ignite. It's going to run from Friday 1st June to Tuesday 5th June, with a whole programme of events. You can find a load more details about it all here.

I mention it first because we're doing quite a bit to support the event. On Friday night Liam Parker, Revolution (our youth band) and the team are running a LIFE event for the youth. Liam is also going to be speaking all through the weekend at a range of youth seminars. Then on Sunday night one of our grown up Kerith worship bands (I'm not sure how else to describe them!) are leading worship, Liam is preaching and Lee Layton-Matthews will be hosting the meeting.

Secondly you may well want to go along. It's in a beuatiful location, there is a really good programme, and it's pretty reasonable to go as a day visitor. Again all the details are on their website.

Whatever you're doing this extended bank holiday weekend I hope you have a great one, and hopefully I might catch you at Kerith at some point over the weekend for week 4 of the Prodigal God series.


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