Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mark Harmer - Walk of Hope

I get many, many requests (more than one a week) both to sponsor people, and to use my blog to advertise sponsored events which which people are taking part in. Most of the time I have to reluctantly say no, partly because I don't want to drive our family to financial ruin and partly because I don't think any of you would appreciate my blog simply being filled with sponsorship requests (if you're one of the people I've said no to in the past, please understand it from my perspective and don't take it personally!).

However, every now and again a request comes along which I decide I am going to both support and blog about. This time it's a man called Mark Harmer. Mark is a Bracknell CAP client who is so grateful for the work which CAP has done to help him get out of debt that he has decided to walk from Bracknell to Bradford (where the CAP headquarters are) to raise money for CAP. Along the way he's going to visit various CAP centres who will be providing him with both meals and overnight accommodation. He leaves on Thursday, and hopes to get to Bradford on the 22nd May.

If you'd like to sponsor Mark (and please don't feel under any pressure that you have to) you can find his sponsorship page, and read a bit more about what he's doing, here.

I loved what Mark said to me recently when I saw him on the Alpha course. His comment to me was that although he hasn't yet found faith through CAP, he's found hope. My prayer is not only that he gets to Bradford with no major mishaps, but also that in it all his hope turns into faith (hope you don't mind me saying that Mark!).


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