Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Peach and Coconut - Nearly Done

I've just finished writing the dedication page, the acknowledgements and the back cover blurb for the Peach and the Coconut - the book which it feels like I've been writing for the last decade! That means that in theory all of the words are now written, and it's now just a case of getting them spelt correctly in the right order.

We've also had the first set of comments on the rest of the book back from the editor. She's made surprisingly few suggestions for changes, and even described it as being well written and very readable! Perhaps she says that to all the authors, but it made me feel quite good :)

As soon as we've got all of the text agreed then it will be over to Mike Charlton to do some of his graphics design magic, and then off to the printers - hopefully back for the beginning of September.

Nearly done :)


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