Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Prodigal God #2 - Small Group Notes

I've picked up that a number of people are working through the Prodigal God series in small groups. If that's a Lifegroup then you should already be getting the small group questions to work through in your group, but I thought that other groups might find the questions useful too (if you missed the sermon on Sunday you can catch it here).




1. Read Luke 15:1-32 again. As it's being read, ask yourself "What were the key differences between the 'lost' nature of the sheep, the coin and the son?" How did Simon describe those three different reasons for being lost?

2. How does that change our view and attitudes and behaviours towards lost people?

3. How have you missed God's heart for lost people in the way you've reacted or behaved in the past? Describe some examples.

4. What's the number 1 reason we can say with confidence that God loves lost people and wants them to be found?

5. Who in your life do you most want to see rescued by Jesus? How might you partner with Him in that mission?

6. Thinking very practically, how can our Life Group be more of a place to which lost people are attracted, or one from which we go out on rescue missions? What needs to change?

7. Pray. I'd suggest prayers in three areas of focus:
i) Thanking God for his rescue mission of us;
ii) Repenting of wrong attitudes, judgmental thinking, religious behaviour (e.g. trying to earn our way into his good books; holding others out by our cold-heartedness);
iii) Change us to be more like Jesus - rescue mission partners wherever we are, enjoying his grace, and extending it to others.

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