Monday, May 14, 2012

Serenje Dormitory Update

A number of you have been asking me how we're getting on with building the girl's dormitory in Serenje, so I thought I'd post an update. Here is the latest information:

  • The plan is to start building work in August, ready for the girls to be in in January 2013 for the new school year
  • Zambian architects are now working on Ralph’s initial drawings, ready to submit for local planning consent by the end of June
  • At the same time EFZ are starting the process of choosing a contractor, to be appointed by the end of June
  • They prefer to use local Serenje builders if possible – that will give work to local people, and give the local community even more ownership of the dormitory
  • The whole building process will be checked by inspectors throughout
  • EFZ are committed to a high standard of child protection and anti-drugs policies, in building and running the dormitory
  • Matrons, guards and cleaners will be hired by EFZ, to run the dormitory
  • Serenje pastors and their wives will give the girls pastoral care once they are in the dormitory
  • The girls will raise chickens and pigs on some of the land, and grow vegetables – both to generate income for running the dormitory and to teach the girls environmentally friendly farming
  • EFZ are assessing what fees to charge the girls and how to ensure that even the poorest can use the dormitory
  • Boys aren’t forgotten – there will be a programme to explain to them and their families why only the girls have a dormitory
  • EFZ plan to set up a regional office for the Northern Province, where Serenje is located (about 400km from Lusaka and the main EFZ offices) – and a key role will be to oversee the dormitory

Let's keep praying that it is all up and running by January 2013. And thanks again to everyone who has given to make the dream of building the dormitory a reality.

If you have any questions then plase ask either myself, or Penny Lander who is overseeing the project from our end.


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