Friday, June 8, 2012

CAP Money on Saturdays

Lots of people have benefitted from the CAP Money courses we have been running, but a number of people have said they'd love to do the course but can't make a Tuesday night. In response to that Helen Dodwell and her team are going to be running a course on a Saturday morning in the Brook Lounge in the Kerith Centre.

Each session will start at 10am, finishing at 11.30am, and the first Saturday course will start on the 16th June, followed by the 30th June and 14th July.

You can get more information on the course and register here, or pick up a form from reception and fill it in. If you haven't done the course then please consider doing it, as it has the potential to transform how you look at your finances, and your overall financial wellbeing.



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