Monday, June 25, 2012

Crazy Days

I'm in the middle of a crazy few days of life.

Friday and Saturday were the women's conference, which was amazing with Catrina and Shauna Niequist bringing so much practical, Godly, down to earth advice on doing life well. Sunday was Aaron Nequist leading us in his new liturgy, which was so refreshing and old but new. Then in the afternoon Catrina and I had the privilege of taking Shauna and Aaron round Windsor (their older son Henry loved all the guns and cannons at the castle, Shauna loved Cath Kidston!).

Today in a few minutes I'm off to BlueArc / Hitachi to do my 'other job' for a few hours. Then this afternoon I'm off with Catrina and Pat and Geoff Hallett for a garden party with the Queen (no really, I am).

Tuesday is a day in London with a group of leaders at Westminster Chapel, then Wednesday through to Saturday is ministry reviews with the elders where we review how church is going and come up with plans for the future. Then it's Sunday again :)

But right now I'm taking one of the pieces of advice from Saturday. Catrina has dropped me off close to BlueArc, I've bought a bacon and egg roll from a van and I'm sat looking out over the little lake by Cable and Wireless, talking to God about the weekend (and writing this blog). I can feel my soul be replenished, and God giving me all I need to get through these crazy few days.

Please be kind to yourself this week. You may feel that you're in a season that makes mine seem tranquil. Whatever is happening with you find those stops in the middle of it all to recalibrate, and refocus your attention on God and all that he has for you.

Hope you have a great week,


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