Friday, June 22, 2012

England v Italy on Sunday Night

I'm very aware that the Euro 2012 England v Italy game kicks off at 7.45pm on Sunday evening. I realise that may cause some issues for those of you in our community who are both football fans and either English or Italian :)

If you really can't face missing the match, then can I encourage you to come to church in the morning and watch it in the evening guilt free.

If you really can't face watching the football then come to both the morning and the evening meetings!

And if like me you want to do both then come in the evening, and we'll all settle down in the auditorium once the meeting is over to watch the second half on the big screen. Should be a great way to finish off what is shaping up to be a brilliant weekend.

Simon (who really had no great expectations of England doing well so is going to be quite happy whatever the result!).


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