Thursday, June 7, 2012

Prodigal God and Being Single

I hope you've had a great Jubilee weekend. I really enjoyed the extended holiday and getting time to slow down for a bit.

On this coming Sunday morning I'm going to be preaching part 5 of the Prodigal God series. Any of you who were away last Sunday can catch part 4 here. I'm really enjoying the series and a whole new dimension it's given me on what it means to be lost - I hope you're enjoying it too.

Then in the evening our good friend Adrian Holloway is going to be with us. One of the times Adrian came to us last year he sent me a number of his sermons to see which one we thought he should preach. There was one on the challenges and opportunities of being single, which although it didn't seem to fit with where we were at last year, would I thought be really good for us to hear in the future. Adrian is going to bring that message on Sunday night, and I think it will be really good for everyone in our community to hear it. Adrian is going to unpack what the Bible has to say about being single, some of the benefits, some of the potential pitfalls and how God can use us whatever stage of life we're in.

Hope to see you Sunday,


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