Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thursday Morning Prayer Meeting

For those of you who are regulars at the Thursday morning prayer meeting, where we pray from 6am to 7am for money and for people to be saved and added to our community, we're going to take a break for August and start meeting again in September.

In the year since we started the prayer meeting we've seen some amazing answers to prayer, both for individuals who have been coming along, and for us as a community. Can I encourage you to put Thursday 6th September in your diary and plan to be there when we start up again :)


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Accounts Assistant - revisited

As you may remember Bill Clague, our current Accounts Assistant, worked his last day in the office on Friday. We have been looking for someone to fill this crucial role on the Kerith team, but as we suspected, it is proving quite difficult to replace Bill – we haven’t been successful as yet!

As a result, we’re re-opening the recruitment process, welcoming further applicants. If you or someone you know might be interested in joining the finance team at Kerith, in a part-time capacity, please pick up an information pack from our Reception or get in contact with ali.hudell@kerith.co.uk to find out more and register your interest. We’re looking to recruit as soon as possible, with an ideal start date sometime in September. We really look forward to hearing from you.


K4 Shop Opening

Whilst watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony, not really believing that there are so many countries in the World I've never heard of before, I thought I'd upload these photos of the K4 shop opening for those of you who couldn't make it in person. Hope you enjoy them (and the Olympics, which I think are going to be amazing).

Huge thanks go to Catriona Mitchell and the team she has gathered to get us to this point, John Mitchell who took the photos, and Rob Eveleigh (shown in the very last photo) who we've appointed as the shop manager.












Wednesday, July 18, 2012

K4 Shop Opening

Our very own Kerith K4 shop is going to have its official opening at 10.30am on Thursday July 26th. The Mayor of Bracknell Forest, Councillor Mrs Jennie McCracken, will be performing the opening ceremony (which I'm assured will be far more exciting than the Olympics opening ceremony the following day - I'm more excited about our opening anyway!).

It would be great to have a crowd of people there if you're free, although you won't actually be able to get into the shop to buy stuff until later in the day, probably around midday(ish).

I want to recognise the incredible amount of work which has already gone into making sure the shop is going to be a success. Catriona Mitchell and the team she has gathered deserve a huge vote of thanks from all of us. There is however still lots to do before the shop can open. If anyone is able to give any time helping over the next week, even if it's only an hour or so, I know the team would really appreciate it. if you can help please contact Catriona, either via email at Catriona.Mitchell@kerith.co.uk or by phoning the church office on 01344 862699.

All very exciting,


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Picnic Cancelled

Sadly we've had to take the decision to cancel the Oakwood Picinc this coming Sunday. As you can see from the photo above the ground is waterlogged, and looking at the weather this week it isn't likely to dry out any time soon :)

Why not take the time this creates to get together with friends on Sunday afternoon, and come up with your own mini Olympics themed challenges!

We do still have an exciting Sunday planned for the 9, 11 and 7 though. We'll be taking the opportunity to say goodbye to the Academy students as they all graduate, and Lee Layton-Matthews is going to be preaching. After Ten10 last week, with seven first time commitments, it should be another great Sunday.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Meeting for anyone interested in Multisite

You may have heard that we're thinking about starting another location for Kerith to meet on a Sunday. This is partly in response to the growth that we've seen over the last few years and needing to make space to continue to grow, and partly out of our desire to reach lost people in a wider geographic area.

It is likely that the new site will be somewhere in the Sandhurst area, that we'd look to launch it with 100-120 people planted out from Kerith Bracknell, and that we'd look to start it some time in 2013.

As a first step we're looking to gather anyone who thinks they might be interested in being part of the new site on Thursday 26th July at 8pm in K2. I'll talk in more detail there about the thinking behind what we're proposing doing, who we think the key leaders are going to be and hopefully answering a whole load of questions. We'll then spend some time praying for this exciting new venture.

If you'd be interested in being part of the new site, either because you live around that area or you'd just like to be part of this new thing or find out more, then please come along on the 26th. By coming you don't commit you to anything, similarly if you can't make it that doesn't mean you can't be involved as the plans develop.

Hope that all makes sense, if not please ask :)


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Facilities Support Worker - Application Extension

We currently have a job opportunity open for a Facilities Support Worker to work alongside Gary Scull in the facilities team. We've decided to extend the closing date for applications to Friday 20th July - interviews will still be on 24th and 25th July.

You can find a job description here, and pick up an application pack from reception. If you, or anyone you know, would be interested in applying for this role then please be sure to get the application back to us by the 20th.


Friday, July 13, 2012

Leon & Daiva Johnson

Those of you who have been around for a while will know that the couple in the photo above are Leon and Daiva Johnson, who have been part of Kerith for a number of years. Leon grew up in Bracknell, Daiva is Lithuanian, and they are one of the nicest couples you could ever hope to meet (I had the privilege of spending a week with them this time last year when we went to visit the church we work with in Lithuania).

The observant amongst you may also have noticed that Leona and Daiva haven't been around so much recently. Well that's because they've moved into Ealing to be part of a church plant there, Redeemer Church, which is being lead great friends of ours Pete and Nicky Cornford.

For a while now Leon and I have been meeting together to talk and pray about the sense of call he has to one day lead a church. When I heard that Pete and Nicky were planting a church in Ealing it seemed like a great opportunity for Leon and Daiva to experience and be part of a church plant from the very beginning, and to learn everything they could from Pete and Nicky. They've therefore taken the brave step of moving to Ealing to be part of this fledgling church.

Leon has started a blog, where he's going to write about all that they're up to. I'm going to include his blog in my list of Kerith Bloggers on my blog so watch out for updates there.

Let's be praying for them, but let's also be open to God speaking to us about taking similar steps of faith in this incredible adventure of walking with Jesus.



Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ten10 Sunday

I love our Ten10 Sundays, where across the three meeting ten different people get 10 minutes each to "have a voice", and bring to us what they feel God is saying to them. I never cease to be amazed at how God speaks to us so clearly every time we do this, and the quality of people we have in our community.

The speakers this Sunday are:

9am: Teresa Cottee, Mary Khawaja, David Cottee

11am: Chris Brown, Imogen Wilson, Andy Partington

7pm: Valentine Eluwesi, Jamie McKean, Ben Hudell, Dave Betts

Please come along, encourage and support them, and prepare for God to speak to you through them.

I'm excited already :)



Wednesday, July 11, 2012

An Evening with Major General Tim Cross

On Saturday September 22nd we have invited Major General Tim Cross to speak at our Alpha launch evening. I heard Tim speak at a leadership event I attended in May, and having heard and met him there I just know that this is going to be a brilliant evening, and a great opportunity to invite guests along.

Tim is both a committed Christian (based in a church in Camberley, a regular attender at the Global Leadership Summit we host and a speaker at our Academy) but also has the most amazing stories to tell of his time serving in Northern Ireland, Macedonia, Albanaia, Kosovo, Kuwait and Iraq.

This will be a relaxed cheese and wine event as a taster for the Alpha course which starts on Wednesday 3rd October. Invite friends and colleagues to come and listen to Tim speak and experience our community. Places are limited and we are going to be strict that you can only come if you bring a friend! Tickets cost £5 and will be available from reception from this Sunday.

Our vision is to see at least 100 people attend the Alpha course in Sptember. That will mean each one of us thinking now about who we can invite, whether that’s friends, family or colleagues.

You can find more details on the website, as well as a pdf versions of the invite which you can either print out or email to friends to invite them.

Please put September 22nd in your diary now, and be thinking and praying about who to invite.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Yeldall Manor Open Day Cancelled

Sadly the gang at Yedall have had to cancel their open day, which was planned for this coming weekend, as the grounds of the Manor are too waterlogged.

However, Andy Partington has let me know that they'll be having an evening celebration of all their work on Friday 12th October starting at 7.30pm. Put that date in your diary now if you're interested in finding out about all the amazing work which Yeldall do.


Friday, July 6, 2012

Wirral Bound

This weekend Catrina and I are going up to the Wirral (which Colin Boyle tells me is the posh end of Liverpool) to spend a weekend with Dave and Nicki Frodsham. Those of you who have been around Kerith for a while will remember Dave and Nicki, who got married here and lead a number of ministries including the house for young adults we used to run at College Hall. They are a great couple with a huge heart for people, and lead a growing church called Jubilee in the Wirral. The church is in the middle of trying to buy their first building - very exciting. I'll be preaching there on Sunday and Catrina and I will be meeting with some of their leaders.

There are also other Kerith people in other places this weekend. Ben Pocock and some of the Academy students are in Lithuania working with the church there on some building projects and a family camp. Ken and Ann Bothamley head out to Albania on Sunday with Liam Parker and a team to lead a youth camp out there. And Ben Davies is in Wales leading a weekend away for a church there. All part of our vision to touch the nation and the nations.

Meanwhile back at home Michael Ross-Watson is preaching at all three meetings, with a different message morning and evening. In the evening there are also two people getting baptised.

Just a normal weekend in the life of our community :) Hope you have a great weekend whatever you're doing.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Yeldall Manor Open Day

As a church we have a growing relationship with the Yeldall Manor drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre near Reading.

For years now the guys at Yedall have been regular attenders at our Sunday evening meetings. In more recent times Andy Partington, who is the Director of Yeldall, has along with his family joined Kerith, and a number of the residents have chosen to make Kerith their home after completing the programme there. All very exciting.

Yeldall are having an open day on Saturday 14th July starting at 12.30pm - there are more details about the day here. As well as being a great chance to enjoy the beautiful grounds of the Manor, enjoy a hog roast, strawberrys and cream and live music, it will also be an opportunity to hear more of the amazing work they do as an organisation. Amanda Wolfram and her band will be leading worship so you won't be alone :)

Hope you can make it.




Tuesday, July 3, 2012

K4 Update

Catriona Mitchell and I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated items for the shop on Sunday and Monday. We've had some really good stuff, and now have more than enough to fill the shop when it opens, which will hopefully be before the end of this month.

We also want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has volunteered to sort the donated items, to Dave Cullis who has been storing it in his garage, and to the team who have been painting the shop and putting up the partition wall. Tony Pounce will be fitting the carpet on Wednesday. Let's be praying for the opening of the shop, and that it will bring in finances to allow us to do even more to bless our local community.

I thought you might enjoy these photos John Mitchell took showing how it is all taking shape.