Friday, July 13, 2012

Leon & Daiva Johnson

Those of you who have been around for a while will know that the couple in the photo above are Leon and Daiva Johnson, who have been part of Kerith for a number of years. Leon grew up in Bracknell, Daiva is Lithuanian, and they are one of the nicest couples you could ever hope to meet (I had the privilege of spending a week with them this time last year when we went to visit the church we work with in Lithuania).

The observant amongst you may also have noticed that Leona and Daiva haven't been around so much recently. Well that's because they've moved into Ealing to be part of a church plant there, Redeemer Church, which is being lead great friends of ours Pete and Nicky Cornford.

For a while now Leon and I have been meeting together to talk and pray about the sense of call he has to one day lead a church. When I heard that Pete and Nicky were planting a church in Ealing it seemed like a great opportunity for Leon and Daiva to experience and be part of a church plant from the very beginning, and to learn everything they could from Pete and Nicky. They've therefore taken the brave step of moving to Ealing to be part of this fledgling church.

Leon has started a blog, where he's going to write about all that they're up to. I'm going to include his blog in my list of Kerith Bloggers on my blog so watch out for updates there.

Let's be praying for them, but let's also be open to God speaking to us about taking similar steps of faith in this incredible adventure of walking with Jesus.



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