Wednesday, August 1, 2012

America Bound

This morning (Wednesday) I'm flying out to Austin Texas with my eldest son Zak. We're going out to visit Gateway Church, lead by our good friend John Burke who wrote the book "No Perfect People Allowed" which has been so influential on us as a church. I'm hoping to see up close how they do church, and to meet with a number of their key leaders. We're being looked after by Todd and Lisa O'Brien who were part of Kerith for a number of years, and who I'm really looking forward to seeing again. I'm also hoping to meet up with Andy and Ilona Varey who many of you will know, and who have recently moved go Austin.

Then next Tuesday we fly up to Chicago to meet up with Catrina and some of our other key leaders for the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit. We then fly back to the UK late on Sunday night.

I hope to be able to blog and tweet regularly whilst we're out there to keep you all involved. Please be praying for us, not only that we will be blessed but that we'll also be a blessing to all those we get to meet up with.


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