Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Yesterday (Tuesday) Catrina and I got back from the One Event (formerly know as Grapevine) where we've been over the weekend. It was an outstanding event, with speakers including Jeff Lucas, Debbie Wright from Trent Vineyard, Stuart Bell from Lincoln and Andrew Wilson from Eastbourne (who will be with us on Sunday 14th October). There was also a Nigerian pastor called Dr William Kumuyi who has 120,000 members in his church in Lagos, and over 1 million across the rest of Nigeria :)

I had the privilege of speaking in a main session, and in a couple of seminars. It's not something I've done before - it was good to get out of my comfort zones although scary too! Thank you to everyone who was praying for me - I think I did OK :)

I haven't been to a Bible week since the days when we used to go to Stoneleigh Bible week every year. I have to say that I really enjoyed the whole experience. Not only the meetings and getting to worship in a setting with thousands of others, but also extended time to get to know people better and build relationships. A couple of other Kerith families came along too and also had a great time, particularly appreciating the quality of the children's work.

I am wondering whether we should think about a larger group of us going to One next year. Not in a "we must all go to this Bible week" sort of way, but in a much freer "if you're up for it why don't a number of us go to this" way. I'd be really interested in any thoughts on that.

Getting back marks the end of a fairly crazy summer for me. I've been away more than I've been home, so I'm looking forward to settling into some sort of routine, and really looking forward to being back in church on Sunday and seeing everyone again. We start a peach and coconut series on Sunday, ahead of launching the book where everyone will get a free copy on the 9th. I'm excited - hope you are too!



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