Thursday, August 16, 2012

Willow Bonuses

Two more things from the Willow GLS, which sadly you won't get to experience at the Bracknell version. Not this year anyway!

The first is the band Gungor. They did lots of the musical interludes, as well as doing as mini concert during the lunch break. Jacob and Alice have raved about them since they played at RockNations last year, but I hadn't really got into their music until now. Their musical style is very eclectic with a cello, organ, glockenspiel and banjo amongst the things they play - a bit like Mumford and Sons but with some other stuff thrown in. Take a look at a couple of their videos here and here.

Secondly a beat boxing cello player called Kevin Olusola. Take a look here, and just bear in mind that every sound you hear comes from either the cello or Kevin's mouth :)

Finally, as a non Willow bonus extra, I thought you might enjoy this video, done by John Burke's son Justin. I'm sure some of our youngsters can do something similar! Incidentally Zak and I went sailing with John and Justin on the lake you can see in the background of the video - happy memories :)

Hope you enjoy these.


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