Monday, September 3, 2012

LIFE Vision Night

On Friday 7th September from 7-9pm there is going to be a LIFE vision evening in the Kerith Centre.

The evening will be an opportunity to:

  • Hear some of the talent in our youth being showcased
  • Get a taste of LIFE, and the vision behind it
  • Hear Liam Parker and his dad being interviewed on how we build a multi-generational church
  • Have a lot of fun
The evening is for anyone wanting to find out more about all that goes on at LIFE, although I particularly want to encourage the parents of teenagers who come to LIFE to come along and capture some of the vision behind it all.

If anyone missed Liam's outstanding preach on God work through all the generations then I'd also encourage you to check that out. Interestingly Craig Groeschel preached almost exactly the same message at this years Willow Gobal Leadership Summit - I suspect he's been listening to Liam's podcasts :)

Hope to see you there on the 7th for what is going to be a great evening.



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