Sunday, September 23, 2012

Meet the Academy - Joanne Rowe

My name is Joanne Rowe, and I am 40 years young. I first met Christians through a mother and toddler group, and soon came to realise that they had something I wanted! As a scientist (with too high an opinion of my own understanding!) I approached Alpha as an intellectual exercise, but our patient Lord took his time with me, bringing me people who could help me to reconcile all I knew about His creation with the truth of a Loving Father who is firmly in control.
In coping with a child with special needs, my polarised view of life has been widened. I feel God has used these experiences to humble my heart, and shape it for serving those who are feeling broken, or who struggle to feel accepted. Even in this fallen world, I am convinced that God provides enough of all we need: food, money, resources, love and affection – but it is often down to us to see that it is distributed as needed. I have come to Academy to clarify this calling, and to learn how to be more effective in serving His hurting people, and showing them that NOBODY is beyond the love of God.

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