Friday, September 28, 2012

The Peach and the Coconut - All Formats

Last Sunday was the last Sunday where we were giving away free copies of The Peach and the Coconut. From now on there are a number of ways you can get hold of a copy.

If you're coming into the Kerith Centre you can buy a copy from the resources area for £5.

If you live in the UK you can phone reception and order a copy using a credit/debit card for £6.50 including postage.

From anywhere in the world you can go to Amazon and buy the Kindle version for £4.49, or the print on demand version for £6.99, plus whatever postage you have to pay. These versions are slightly different in that the sentences which get repeated twice in the introduction in the version we've been giving away have been removed (no perfect books allowed!) and the print on demand version has a shiny cover rather than the nice matt cover on the ones we had printed.

Finally you can listen to the audio book version for free!

I hope that all makes sense. Now time to start writing the next book :)


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