Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Week in Zambia

On Sunday afternoon I'm flying out to Zambia with Andy Jackson, Zoe Hayes and Howard and Elizabeth Reece-Smith. Andy and I fly back the following Saturday, the others stay a little longer. We're going out there for a number of reasons:

  • To spend time with Sam and Hannah Fairs-Billam, who have moved out to Lusaka (the capital of Zambia) for a year to set up a child protection policy in partnership with the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ). You can catch up on what they're up to here. It will be great getting to spend time with them, and catch up on all that they're doing.
  • To meet with the senior leaders in EFZ to discuss what we do beyond the end of year 5 of the Serenje project. We'll also be meeting up with Bertha, who is the Tearfund country rep for Zambia and is going out to Zambia on the same flight as us. We had a great time yesterday at Tearfund talking though possibilities beyond the end of the project - hopefully I'll be able to talk about that more when we get back.
  • To travel up to Serenje and meet with the pastors and vounteers. It will be great to see our friends Bernard and Samson again - it was only this time last year they were with us for the GLS. It's always an incredible privilege to meet children who are now back in education, families who now know where their next meal is coming from and community leaders who now feel a sense of hope about the future because of what we've done.
  • To make sure the dormitory gets built as quickly as possible. It has been held up over getting planning permission - please pray that we have success in overcoming that hurdle and moving it on and getting the girls in there.
  • To top up our tans before the winter! Not really, but it will be the hottest month of the year in Serenje, so we'll be thinking of you as Autumn sets in here :)
I'm going to try and blog and tweet whilst we're out there (bizarrely it can be easier to get a 3G phone signal in Serenje than in Bracknell).

Please be praying for us, for the families we leave behind, for all the people we'll be meeting and especially for progress in getting the dormitory built.



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