Monday, October 22, 2012

All Leaders Meeting

Just a reminder for all Kerith leaders that Tuesday night (23rd October) is our termly All Leaders Meeting in K2 starting at 7.45pm.

This time round we're privileged to have Steve Tibbert from King's Church in South East London with us (this is the church our good friends Mick and Val Taylor and William and Hilary Dalziel are now part of). Steve is going to be sharing the story of King's Church, which has many parallels with our own story at Kerith. Steve will talk in particular about their growth over the last few years (they now gather over 1,200 people on a Sunday) and their experience of being one church on multiple sites. I'll also be sharing some news, we'll hopefully have time at the end for some Q&A, and we'll start the evening with cheese and wine, so it should be a great evening.

If you're a leader in any context in Kerith then you should have already received an invite for Tuesday, but if not please consider yourself invited and come along.


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