Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Andrew Wilson

We've got a treat in store next weekend (Sunday 14th) when we're going to have Andrew Wilson with us at all three meetings.

Andrew is part of the leadership team of Kings Church in Eastbourne, and I've known him for a number of years as someone I'd say hello to whenever our paths crossed. However, this Summer he spoke at the One Event I was also part of, and Catrina and I had the privilege of getting to know Andrew loads better. He's one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet (if you're ever looking for someone interesting to chat to over breakfast Andrew is your man!). He also has an incredible understanding of the Bible, with two degrees in theology (if you want to be slightly scared take a look at some of the papers he's written here), but has a rare ability to take all of that knowledge and package it in a way in which 'ordinary' people like you and me can understand and digest.

He's written a number of books, including God Stories, and Incomparable, both of which I know a number of people in our community have read and really enjoyed, and which are available from our resources area.

His latest book, "If God Then What", takes a look at some of life's biggest questions and explores some of the possible answers. I particularly enjoyed this review of it, interestingly written by an atheist! He'll be speaking on some of the questions he raises in the book. We'll also be selling copies of the book for £5.

This will be a great talk to invite people far from God to, in particular people who have intellectual objections to and questions about Christianity.

Don't miss it :)


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