Thursday, October 11, 2012

Meet the Academy - Irene Mooney

Hello….My name is Irene Mooney….I am doing a “ Granny “ gap year…I am in my late 50s ..have three grown up children who all have spouses / partners….I have two amazing grandchildren who have totally won my heart. ….you may see Elisha (almost 2 ) around on Sundays….he is the cutest and bestest wee boy ever.!!....Chris …my hubster of many decades is the IT manager at church and we have been a part of Kerith for almost 30 years. I work full time as a Personal Assistant to a young man with disability and I childmind 2 small boys ( one of which is my grandson ). Over the years I have seen many changes in church life and served in many areas and enjoyed all the challenges this has brought into our lives….we had the privilege of being led by Ben Davies and we were part of the building of the Kerith Centre…all those years ago.. Now… as Simon and Catrina lead us into growth the opportunities we can get involved with are limitless. I am doing The Academy year mainly because I really want to be challenged ….changed and ….to grow in every area of my life. I have come to realise I am never too old to be changed and challenged. …and believe me its going to take me way out of my comfort zone as I serve with the team in Konstruction Krew (5-11s)and take part in the teaching class (my brain may need to be shocked into life ). To be a part of The Academy Student Body is going to be such fun…yet present me with amazing times of sharing life with all ages and cultures.


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