Thursday, November 8, 2012

Don't Miss Advance

Next Saturday (17th November) we have our Advance Kids' Ministry Leaders Conference. This is particularly aimed at anyone working with children aged 0-11 in a church context, but I believe would be very useful to people working with children in any other context, and those working with teenagers too.

To see what a great day it's going to be take a look at the speaker lineup here. Rob Parsons, who is one of the main speakers, is an outstanding communicator with a passion to see children not just survive but thrive in church, and I'm pretty sure will be worth the conference fee alone. On top of that there are a great lineup of both Kerith and external speakers, with a very wide range of topics being covered.

I'd love it if everyone at Kerith working with children and youth were to come to the conference. We all have so much of learn in this area, and this will be a great environment both to be inspired and equipped.

And for those outside Kerith I'd love to have you there too. If that's you please consider coming, and bringing your team.

You can book online here, with a special concessionary rate for under 18's, and one free place for every four booked. For Kerith people who are likely to be booking in individually we'll make sure you get in at that reduced rate, which is effectively £16 each - just book in at the full price and we'll make sure you get a refund on the day. Also if there's anyone from Kerith who would like to come but is struggling financially please let us know as we don't want finances to stop you being there on the day.

If you have any questions then please ask, either by emailing us at, phoning reception on 01344 862699 or speaking to Lydia Harris-Lane or Yvonne Scott on our kids team.

It's going to be a great day, I'm going to be there and I'd love to see you there too!


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