Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kerith's New Website

Kerith are currently in the process of updating our public website. It’s also given us the opportunity to use a new online tool to help build community at Kerith by connecting us in our small groups, serving teams and ministries for things like online rotas, events, group discussion and much more.

Whilst anyone will be able to see what’s going on through our website, we would also like to give everyone who calls Kerith their home access to this new community tool, which will issue a secure username and password. If Kerith has been your home church for a while, you may have received an email recently listing the current contact details that we have for you. If you have not received the email, your contact information may be missing or out of date – we’d like to fix that!

If you would like access to this new tool but have not received an email about this, please update your contact details here by 13th December.

Stay tuned for further info about this and our new website coming very soon! We expect to start using them in early 2013.

Thanks for doing that.


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