Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Preparing for Advent

On Sunday I'm going to be speaking on Advent, a period in the church calendar which runs from the fourth Sunday before Christmas (which is this Sunday coming up) through until Christmas Eve. The English word Advent comes from the latin word adventus, which means "coming". Throughout Advent we primarily focus on Jesus first coming two thousand years ago, but also look forward to him coming again.

Throughout Advent I'm going to be using a set of daily Bible reading notes from John Piper, which are contained in a short booklet he wrote called "Good News of Great Joy". You can get an electronic version of the booklet here. It's available both as a PDF, and in versions which will work on a Kindle, iPAD, iPhone, Nook and pretty much any other ereader known to (wo)man. You can also get the readings via John Piper's daily Bible reading app - search for "Solid Joys" in the Apple App Store. If none of that works for you please let me know and I'll try and source a paper copy for you.

Whatever you do I encourage you to have a plan for getting into your Bible every day, and allowing God to speak to you through it. If you haven't already got a plan then why not use this one!

Hope to catch you on Sunday.


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