Monday, November 5, 2012

Serenje Gift Day Total

For those of you who couldn't be in the adult meeting on Sunday, I thought you'd like to know the Serenje Gift Day total. As you may remember we were going for a £80,000 to fund year 5 of the project, with any additional money coming in going to other nations we work with. Well here is what came in.

  • Regular Giving up to September 2012 - £13,059
  • Cash given in the Gift Days - £40,020
  • Pledges to be redeemed - £13,821
  • Expected regular giving to September 2013 - £15,545
  • Provisional Gift Aid Claim - £11,845
  • Total - £94,290
Isn't that brilliant. As I've said before my prayer was that as we came to the end of our five year project in Serenje we'd burst across the finishing line with this offering, getting more than we needed. Well we've certainly done that, and I'm so incredibly grateful to everyone who has given - thank you so much!

If you're interested you can hear a recording of what I said on Sunday here.

I've got a couple of requests.

  • If you've made a pledge please redeem it in the next couple of weeks. You can do this by putting it into one of the regular giving envelopes, writing on the envelope both your name and that this is to redeem a Serenje pledge, and then putting it into the regular Sunday offering or handing it in at reception.
  • If you haven't yet given and would still like to be involved then its not too late. Just use one of the giving envelopes and make it clear on the envelope that your gift is for Serenje. All money we receive over the £80,000 will go to other nations we are involved in.
Thanks again to everyone who gave and who is still gong to give, it's just brilliant to be part of such a generous community.


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