Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Advent - Looking Forward

On Sunday I spoke on Advent, but instead of looking back at the first coming of Jesus, looked forward to his second coming. If you missed it you can catch it here. The question I asked was:

Are you putting as much effort into preparing for the second coming of Jesus as you are into preparing to celebrate his first coming?

I know that many of us are putting huge amounts of effort into preparaing for Christmas - buying trees, putting up decorations, choosing presents, writing cards and ordering extra food and drink. All of that is great, and hopefully will lead to some great and memorable times together with friends and family. But do we have the same sense of purpose in terms of making sure we would be ready if Jesus were to return today?

I'm not going to rewrite the preach in my blog, but instead in summary to say that in Matthew 24 & 25 Jesus tells us four stories to tell us how to be prepared for his return. The principles in these stories could be summarised as be holy, be ready, be faithful and be compassionate.

Let's allow those four words - holy, ready, faithful and compassionate - to summarise who we are and what we do as we prepare to celebrate the first coming of Jesus.


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