Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Prayer Meeting Clarity :)

There has been a bit of confusion about prayer meetings over the next few weeks, so here is my attempt to bring some clarity to the situation!

First of all this Thursday (13th December) we've got an all church prayer meeting at 8pm in K2 - please come if you possibly can as it will be great to pray for one another and all the Christmas events. We are NOT meeting on Wednesday to pray, as Hilltop have their carol concert that evening and we want to make sure we have enough space to park all of their minibuses.

The Thursday morning 6am prayer meeting for finance will be on this Thursday (13th December) but then won't meet again until Thursday 10th January.

Finally in the New Year we're going to be doing 40 days of prayer and fasting. I'll do another blog with more details on this soon, but as part of it we'll be having weekly prayer meetings starting on Wednesday 9th January and then running every Wednesday through to Wednesday 13th February. We'll meet for an hour each Wednesday to pray in the Kerith Centre. Please put these in your diary, and plan to be at as many of them as possible!

Hope that clarifies things - if not you know where to ask :)


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