Friday, January 18, 2013

Snow Update - We will meet on Sunday

This was the view from the Kerith Centre office window on Friday lunchtime - it's amazing how much the landscape can be changed by a couple of hours of snow!

In the midst of all the local schools and colleges closing down (all for very good reasons I'm sure) I want to be very clear that we WILL be meeting on Sunday at 9am, 11am and 7pm, regardless of what the weather does between now and then. As long as it's safe for you to venture out I really want to encourage you to come along as we gather together. I'll be getting there early, hopefully with a gang of other people, to make sure all the paths around the Kerith Centre, K2 and down to the college are as clear as possible. Hope to see you there.

Please also be looking out for elderly and vulnerable people in your local community at this time. Whether that's clearing their paths, making sure they have enough food or that their homes are warm enough please take time to look out for them. Also if you hear of any in our church community who are struggling either help them yourself, or if you can't let us know and we'll make sure they get whatever assistance they need.

Enjoy the snow and hope to catch you on Sunday.



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